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Tax Compliance

As your business grows, compliance with government agencies can be a difficult task. We make your compliance our top priority allowing you to focus on what you do best - managing and growing your business.

Working closely with you, we ensure clear outlines of information and setting appropriate timelines to deliver business activity statements, financial statements and tax returns.

We also highlight taxation issues that are identified by the Australian Taxation Office to ensure our clients are appropriately informed. We are dedicated to keeping up with new legislation, taxation and superannuation rules.

So It is a smart choice to let us

· plan your taxation

· advise you on superannuation obligations

· prepare required financial reports

· prepare periodical accounts


We offer the following audit services

Self Managed Super Funds Audits (SMSF Audit)

Self-managed super funds must be audited by an approved auditor.

A SMSF audit is comprised of two components: the auditor conducting a financial audit and a compliance audit of the super fund.

Financial Audit: Enables your auditor to examine the financial statements of the fund.

Compliance Audit: Involves assessing your SMSF’s compliance with the superannuation rules.

Not-for-Profit Organisations Audit

We work with Committees of not-for-profit organisations, whom have a duty of care to ensure they identify and address areas of potential weakness and specific risks that the organisation faces.

Trust Accounts Audit

Commercial agents and real estate agents are examples of organisations that receive trust money that must establish and maintain a trust account that complies with the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 (the Act) as well as the Property Agents & Motor Dealers Regulations 2001 (the Regulations).

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