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Business Planning & Growth

We work with clients to turn feasible business ideas into reality. We can advise on the right vehicle and structure for the venture, as well as prepare the necessary plans and budgets, assist with financial proposals and do all the regulatory paperwork. And we will provide on-going support if you need it.


Businesses that plan grow 30 percent faster than those that don’t plan. Having a plan is less about accurately predicting the future, and more about setting regular goals, tracking your actual progress toward those goals, and making changes to your business as you learn more about your customers.


We will be there for you on every step of planning and growth.

Structuring & Restructuring

We offer services to structure and restructure businesses for maximum tax efficiency.

We operate a Free 1 hour first meeting where we gather all relevant information up to the implementation of an optimum restructuring solution.

Our approach ensures that businesses are structured in a more tax-efficient manner and ensures that the businesses have a structure that is fit for purpose and allows the business to grow successful into the future.

Cashflow and Budgeting

Cash flow is usually the most common business concern, the most visible and therefore the most painful. By identifying all the activities that turn work into cash and then measuring those activities, the results can be immediate. A positive cash flow is an absolute necessity if your business is to succeed and it just doesn't happen - it needs to be planned.

We assist you on the preparation of a 12-month cash flow budget, which could identify if and when you expect to need additional finance. Your budget should always be a work in progress under constant review. That is why you need us to

· forecast your likely cash position at the end of each month or quarter

· identify any fluctuations that may lead to potential cash shortages

· plan your various taxation payments

· schedule any major capital expenditure, and

· refer you to the prospective lenders with key financial information including loan serviceability.

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